Our Fraud Protection Tips

Doing more to keep you safe.

American National Bank Fraud Products

American National Bank offers products that provide safety and security for your accounts. Together, we can help prevent fraud.

Although no system is foolproof, one of the best ways to safeguard your accounts is to monitor it in real-time for unauthorized activity. That’s why we offer products that help you monitor and restrict account use in real time.

Online Banking

Setup alerts on ANB Go and ANB Go Business to receive instant balance and transaction alerts and notifications. Establish your alerts using the “Alerts” tab In ANB Go and ANB Go Business. Learn more about online banking.

Credit Cards

The ANB Mastercard Credit Card online site enables you to quickly setup alerts that include transaction amounts, online purchases and international purchases. Register your Mastercard credit card at GoToMyCard.com. You can also make payments, redeem reward points, and get a copy of your statement online. Register today! Don’t have an ANB credit card? Learn more and apply online.

Mastercard ID Protection

American National Bank partners with Mastercard to offer identity theft protection and monitoring by registering any of your Mastercard debit or credit cards with Mastercard. Mastercard scours the internet and alerts you if it detects your name, card, or personal information is bought or sold online. Register for this free service from ANB and Mastercard using your MasterCard debit or credit card.

Mastercard Zero Liability Protection for Consumer Accounts

If you believe there has been unauthorized use of your account and you have used reasonable care to protect your card and notify your bank, you can rest easy knowing you have protection with Mastercard’s Zero Liability Promise.