High Balance Deposits

Enjoy flexibility and FDIC protection with Insured Cash Sweep® service and Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®.

Get peace of mind 

Have peace of mind knowing you can obtain full FDIC protection. American National Bank offers Insured Cash Sweep (ICS®) and Certificate of Deposit Registry Service (CDARS®) for business and personal deposit accounts that exceed the $250,000 FDIC limit. You can be confident that your accounts are safe, with the convenience of working with one local bank.


More Protection


A high balance account enables you to access FDIC insurance coverage well beyond the standard limits, giving you added protection for your cash balances.


More Convenience


Leveraging ANB’s access to the IntraFi network is a streamlined process that simplifies your banking experience and reduces the hassle of managing multiple accounts to secure FDIC insurance.


More Interest


This cash management solution allows you to earn interest on your high balance deposit funds while also providing maximum FDIC insurance coverage.

Choose the option that best meets your liquidity needs

At American National Bank, we offer two distinct services for clients seeking to grow their savings: Insured Cash Sweep® and Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®. Both provide the security of FDIC–insured deposits, but each offers distinct advantages that cater to different financial goals.

Insured Cash Sweep®

Insured Cash Sweep® is an automated, low-cost sweep product that provides overnight investments in FDIC-insured financial institutions. ICS® helps to maximize earnings and minimize risk by automatically moving funds between your FDIC-insured accounts. Clients can take advantage of higher interest rates available with ICS®, while keeping their funds on deposit with American National Bank.



  • Access your funds with unlimited program withdrawals (using the ICS® demand option) or up to six program withdrawals per month (using the ICS® savings option)
  • Eliminate ongoing collateral tracking and the need to footnote uninsured deposits in financial statements if you are accustomed to these practices

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® allows clients to purchase large amounts of FDIC-insured certificates of deposit, up to $50 million, without having to open multiple accounts or manage multiple relationships. Clients receive the convenience of one relationship, one rate, one statement and one year-end tax form.



  • Receive one easy-to-read statement from our bank summarizing your CDARS® holdings
  • With access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance, you can reduce any ongoing collateralization and avoid the hassle of opening accounts at different banks

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