ANB’s Women who Move Minnesota

ANB recently had the opportunity to enter two of our outstanding ANB women in the “Women who Move Minnesota” special section of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. We have incredible talent across our seven locations in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and we’re pleased to have Neesha Neumann and Der Vang represent ANB in this year’s edition.

ANB’s Der Vang (left) and Neesha Neumann (right)
Photo courtesy of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, October 2022


Neesha M. Neumann, Senior Vice President, Private Banking Manager

With more than 19 years of banking expertise and 17 years with American National Bank, Neesha serves many high-net-worth clients, including doctors, attorneys, dentists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. She understands the fluctuations of cash flow, the complexity and changing nature of ownership, and other investment opportunities that may require creative solutions.

I set myself apart by offering a unique approach for each client and tailoring their needs with the best financial solution, while offering the highest level of service. My goal is to ensure the banking relationship is simplified and easy to understand.”

Neesha operates with integrity and always does what is best for her clients. Her ability to make quick decisions and authorize credit results in faster turn-arounds. Her experience spans a variety of private banking products, including home equity lines of credit (HELOC), construction loans, lot loans, bridge loans, partnership buy-in loans, and secured and unsecured lines of credit (LOC).

“Neesha’s ability to help streamline the banking process for our private banking clients has led to many long-term business partnerships. Her dedication to supporting local business leaders and helping grow the Twin Cities is infectious.” – Steve Powell, President, Minnesota
Contact Neesha for your private banking needs
Neesha Neumann
Senior Vice President, Private Banking Manager
903 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415
[email protected]


Der Vang, Senior Partner, Talent Management

Der is a partner, consultant, and coach to bank leaders on talent assessment, employee retention and engagement, performance and career development, and the employee experience overall. Starting her career as a flight attendant, Der learned the value of client support and making personal connections. Today, as Senior Partner, Talent Management, Der stays on the ground, but works hard to help employees reach new heights.

I love that I get to be a part of our employees’ journeys. Whether that be about their career growth and aspirations, or their personal wins. I strive to be not just a resource, but a trusted and knowledgeable partner for all of our team members.”

Despite a challenging labor market, Der radiates energy and positivity day-in and day-out. She has strengthened recruitment and retention strategies at American National Bank and introduced tools and technologies to improve the performance and effectiveness of the organization.

“Der embodies the American National Bank spirit of doing more for our people and our community. Her focus on creating the best employee experience has spurred our momentum and allows us to better serve our clients.” – Steve Powell, President, Minnesota
Contact Der to find out more about careers with ANB.
Der Vang
Senior Partner, Talent Management
[email protected]


Originally appeared in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, October 2022 issue.

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