Money Monitor

Goals and budgeting made easy.

Money Monitor is a tool within ANB Go that helps you understand your money. How do you spend money? How do you save money? How much money do you have, or do you owe?  A clear path to achieving financial goals starts with knowing these things.  Create budgets, establish savings goals, plan to pay down debt, it can all be done in one easy-to-use tool that’s right at your fingertips.


How can Money Monitor help you?

Track Spending Habits

Manage your Budget

Create a Debt Repayment Plan

Set Financial Goals

Calculate your Net Worth

See your Cash Flow

Stick to your budget, set some goals and see where your money goes.


It’s as simple as logging into ANB Go, navigating to the Accounts tab, and selecting Money Monitor. All your ANB accounts are already linked to Money Monitor, and to get an even better picture of your finances, you can even track external accounts.


You are in charge.


Getting started is straightforward and only requires a little footwork. Better yet, once you have these things in place, Money Monitor will know how to allocate your transactions so that your maintenance is relatively automatic going forward.


Set up includes:

  • Setting up a budget
  • Tagging your transactions so that Money Monitor knows how to itemize where your money goes
  • Setting up goals such as paying down a credit card or saving for next year’s vacation


After you are up and running, the easy-to-navigate dashboard provides a useful overview of your finances, and the dashboard widgets give you great insight into how you are doing.


Do it for yourself.


Plan for the future by understanding how you spend and save. It’s right at your fingertips, why not get started today? See the step-by-step user guide here or visit the resource center.


We value relationships, especially new ones.


Not a client but think a product like Money Monitor might help you plan and achieve your money goals? Let’s talk. We have banking products for all your banking needs. Contact one of our bankers today or visit a branch to get started.