American National Bank Statement of Soundness and Stability


American National Bank is well capitalized and has excellent asset management, diversified assets, strong liquidity, and sound margins. We have no exposure in volatile business lines like cryptocurrency and venture capital investing. As a privately held institution with a history as a trusted and reliable partner for more than 165 years, ANB is and has a long and demonstrated track record of being a stable, safe, and preferred place to bank.

We have always prioritized safety and soundness, profitability, and growth in that order. Our risk management processes have resulted in strong capital and liquidity positions, which allows us to serve all current and prospective clients. We take pride in our role as a community bank and remain vigilant to monitoring and adapting to dynamic market conditions. We are confident in our ability to meet your needs today and well into the future.

Your deposits are safe


In light of recent bank failures, we’ve compiled an assessment of our standing as a safe and secure bank based on investment price and deposits stability, loan quality, liquidity, profitability and capital.


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